“Even when I felt alone, you had my back”

Artist: Henderson Button

Oil on Canvas
Size: 36″ x 36″ (framed)

$ 2,500.00

About The Artist: Henderson Button

Henderson Button is from Charlotte, NC whose figurative works explore the representation of the human body through the luscious materiality of oil paints. His process blends techniques and ideas from different eras and artists that utilized the human form and the beauty that it inspired.

Edgar Degas, one of the most prolific draftsmen of the Impressionist era is known primarily for his drawings, paintings, and sculptures of girls from the Parisian ballet. However, his lesser-known but equally prolific pastel figure studies have become iconic throughout art history. After admiring these drawings for some time, Henderson began translating these austere beauties from the page to the canvas in an effort to revive the studies in paint and give them fresh life for a new audience. The artist hopes that his own reverence for Degas and for the act of painting will inspire others.